Russian domains will have to be registered through public services

The Russian segment of the Internet should prepare for mandatory domain registration through the state regulator. This was told at a specialized forum dedicated to cybersecurity. Read more about regulation on the Internet, online trends on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch on our website.

Russian domains will have to be registered through public services

Speaking at Cyber Security Day 2022, Andrey Vorobyov, Director of the National Domains Information Center.RU and .The Russian Federation, said that today specialists who work on ensuring Internet security are faced with problems of spam, phishing, and the spread of viruses. All this has to be countered despite the fact that self-regulation and protection of the network space are very developed in Russia.

But now, as the expert notes, the country is moving to a new period of Internet regulation with the help of the state, which is necessary and recognized by the industry. A draft law has already been developed that provides for rules that regulate registration in Russian national domain zones through the state regulator. A registrar will appear forprotection of infrastructure elements of the resources of state bodies, as well as the need for mandatory domain registration using the public services service. If earlier such a procedure for working with domains was only discussed, now it is obvious that it should be mandatory. That is, a course has been taken to combat anonymity and fraudsters on the Internet.

Recently it became known that WebMoney will no longer serve Russian electronic wallets.

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