Parliamentarians of Kazakhstan are against gambling. Economic calculations – too

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov received an appeal from Deputy Dana Nurzhigit during a meeting of the Senate. It states that the people’s deputies accept a large number of complaints from citizens of the country that gambling has led them or their relatives to credit addiction. The percentage of tax on winnings Kazakhstan – information from experts.

Parliamentarians of Kazakhstan are against gambling. Economic calculations – too

Kazakhstanis ask the authorities to take measures and prevent further financial losses of citizens, to stand up for the protection of society, whose members are deprived of property and families due to gambling addiction. According to the deputy Nurzhigit, young people in the age range of 18-27 years, using the availability of consumer loans, spend these funds ongames. So, only in September last year, the volume of this kind of lending increased by 3.7%. The situation is aggravated by the fact that young people who have taken out loans are called up for military service and stop paying interest due to lack of sufficient earnings, which means they become seriously dependent on credit institutions.

Of particular concern, according to the deputy, is the dominance of various kinds of offers of games on the Internet, which simply suck in young people and even children. Every “10-year-old boy has them in his pocket now,” says Dana Nurzhigit, referring to smartphones.

Warning the arguments of gambling supporters who talk about the economic feasibility of the development of the gambling sector, Nurzhigit cites figures from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The turnover of the industry is 170 billion tenge, it replenished the budget by only 16.5 billion tenge. At the same time, more than 23 trillion tenge for three years starting from 2021 has been allocated for the solution of socialproblems, including those generated by the dependencies of citizens, this amount is half of the entire budget of Kazakhstan. If we assume that on average each player owes about 10 million tenge, and there are about 350 thousand such players in the country, then the scale of the problem becomes clear. For reference: 1 Russian ruble is equal to 5.6 Kazakhstani tenge.

In this regard, parliamentarian Dana Nurzhigit advocates a complete ban on advertising Internet games and sports betting, referring to the similar experience of Turkey, Vietnam and a number of other countries.

The tax rate on gambling in different countries has been analyzed by our correspondents.

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