The central bank will monitor Russian bankers

The central Bank has resolutely taken up credit organizations. Now the regulator will collect anonymous information about their beneficiaries in order to identify the hidden owners of banks. You can read more about how banks serve gambling, about reliable casino payment systems abroad and other useful information about acquiring on our website.

The Central Bank will monitor Russian bankers

According to Forbes with reference to the official portal of the Central Bank, the regulator stated that the introduction of such a system will increase transparency, strengthen investment confidence, and improve the work of credit institutions.

With its help, Russian citizens can send the regulator papers confirming the identity of the real owners of financial structures, if these documents are not listed in official registers. Among the documents that can be transferred to the Central Bank to confirm the informal management of banks and the presence of hidden key figures in the management of structures, such as:

  • power of attorney;
  • trust management agreements of a financial institution;
  • papers confirming family ties;
  • evidence of misuse of the position.

Lyudmila Tyazhelnikova, who holds the post of head of the department of admission and termination of financial organizations, noted that such measures will help to increase the transparency of the financial market and trust in it. After all, if the key owner of the bank hides his identity, it means that he does not want to engage in long-term business development in the country.

Recently it became known that Russia is leading in the number of suspicious matches held in 2021.

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Telegram introduces advertising, and the RCN declared it a social network

The media space of the messenger, previously free from official advertising, will still be promoted. The “densely populated” Telegram channels will now display “sponsored messages”. You can read more about the features of advertising in other countries of the world on our portal.

Telegram introduces advertising, and the RCN declared it a social network

Experts positively assessed the potential of such a solution, noting that the approach that the creators of the program are going to use will help reform the advertising market on the still “untilled” field of messengers. It is expected that other companies will follow the example of Telegram.

It is planned that in all Telegram channels from thousands of subscribers there will be “sponsored messages” that correspond to the subject of the channel, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. This change will not affect the list of chats, personal correspondence or created groups.

At the same time, the preliminary prices “bite” – the minimum cost of entering the site – €2 million, of which €1 million is made as a deposit, which will not be refunded if the advertiser subsequently spends less than €10 million throughout the year. This one condition reduces the list of potential advertisers from large companies.

The reform of the advertising policy will also affect the already existing unofficially, which was formed in Telegram. Now advertising agreements are concluded between the advertiser and the owners of the channel directly.

Separately, it should be noted that Telegram’s position regarding gambling advertising is negative, it is prohibited.

Meanwhile, Roskomnadzor called Telegram a social network. All registry members are required to monitor content, identify illegal information and block it, writes Forbes. This also applies to online casino advertising, as they are banned in the Russian Federation. Together with Durov’s resource, LiveJournal was announced as a social network.

All social resources with a volume of 500 thousand users per day are included in the register. This list was formed in September 2021, and it includes all the largest media resources, from FB to YouTube.

Also, Roskomnadzor continues litigation with Google, as reported by Inc. with reference to the press service of the RCN, the agency handed over a new fine for failure to comply with the order to delete illegal information. As previously reported, the company faces a fine of 10% of annual revenue.

The RCN has already sent 16 protocols regarding administrative violations that Google systematically commits. The company’s representatives were last called to court on October 4.

According to the new orders of the local authorities, it is now possible to get into the bookmaker’s office in Primorye only by QR code.

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Cat Slot – Lucie’s Cats by Belatra Games

The catalog of games developed by Belatra Games has recently been replenished with a new slot, which immediately became popular with foreign gamblers. This is a colorful, fun and cozy fluffy online slot machine Lucie’s Cats with interesting bonus features, original animation and high-quality graphics.

Cat slot – Lucie’s Cats from Belatra Games

The material is written for reference purposes and does not promote goods and services on the market (in accordance with Part 2 of p. 2 of Federal Law No. 38-F3 of 13.06.2006 On advertising, it is not advertising).

The main character of the new online slot is Lucy. And at home she has cats, as many as four of the most different breeds and colors. Although cats consider themselves the rightful owners of this big house and allow themselves everything from crawling on tables to breaking aquariums. Lucie’s Cats is a real cat paradise with a colorful visual solution, thematic sound effects and fascinating gameplay.

The game structure of this slot is a real classic, which will be appreciated by foreign players with a wide variety of gambling experience. There are 20 winning lines on five reels, which gives a lot of winning combinations. An additional bright feature of the Lucie’s Cats slot is the original wild symbol, which can either replace any of the other chips of the game, or work as a multiplier.

Prize games are one of the main additional options of this slot. In the free spins round, foreign players can get from 7 to 20 prize games. The number of free spins depends on luck and intuition. First you need to choose a box with a cat, and then a can of canned food for him. All this will determine the exact number of free games. In this situation, the wild acquires new properties: here it “sticks” on the reels in case of a dropout and remains in its place until the end of the bonus stage.

By tradition, this Belatra Games game, like most of the studio’s products, is supplemented with card doubles, in which you can increase the winnings received in the game by 2 or even 4 times, as well as the “Wheel of Fortune” bonus, a win-win lottery, in which, by spinning the wheel of luck, you can get a lot of valuable prizes, the main of which is the super jackpot.

Belatra Games is a developer of gaming products for the gambling industry in the foreign online and offline market. For traditional casinos, the company develops not only software, but also hardware, as well as a variety of jackpot systems. The catalog of online games for online casinos abroad includes more than 80 games of various types: slots, roulette, bingo, sic bo and others.

We remind you that since October 1, 2009, the gambling business in the Russian Federation can organize games only in betting organizations and sweepstakes, as well as five specialized gambling zones (in the Crimea, Kaliningrad Region, Krasnodar, Primorsky and Altai Krai), according to Federal Law No. 244-F3 of 29.12.2006.

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British experts have determined the degree of dependence of players on advertising

Specialists of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have compiled a report on the trends and the impact of different types of gambling advertising on attracting new players. A total of 6,258 people took part in the survey in different months of 2020. And if you want to learn a lot more interesting things about where and how an online casino works, read our publication!

 British experts have determined the degree of dependence of players on advertising

Based on the respondents ‘ answers, the researchers were able to form the following conclusions:

  • About 34% of players admitted that they are influenced by betting advertising, first of all by general advertising, in second place are free bet offers.
  • Respondents claim that 85% have seen advertising or sponsored messages of gambling, which was lower than in 2019-87%. The main source of advertising, which is not surprising for the pandemic, is TV: 76% of respondents have seen such advertising. The second place was taken by radio, podcasts, and the third-by advertising on sports merch.
  • In its report, the commission combined advertising into three categories: traditional, online and sponsored. Traditional advertising took the first place in terms of visibility with 81%, sponsorship advertising took the second place, and online PR took only the third place. At the same time, 77% of respondents aged 18 to 24 most often see a gambling promotion on the Internet, since they watch less TV and almost do not listen to the radio. 19% of this group also noted that they watch or follow events from the world of excitement.
  • Instagram Facebook took the first place (11%), and YouTube, Twitter and Instagram shared the second place with the same indicators (6% each).In general, 16% of respondents noted that they follow gambling companies and events on social networks and video hosting sites.

This data, with reference to the official research, is provided by the publication about the gambling business CasinoBeats. Such studies have been accompanying the Gambling Law of 2005 for many years, and the possibility of banning partnerships between gambling operators and professional sports is being considered. It should be noted that Mayor Sadiq Khan recently ordered the removal of all gambling advertising from the London underground.

Meanwhile, in the European Union, which is neighboring the UK, 14 countries have taken the initiative to return an Expert Group on Gambling to optimize the gambling business.

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A new bill in Chile prohibits placing slot machines outside of casinos

Senators of the Chilean National Congress have approved a bill that prevents the placement of slots outside gambling zones. The law passed in the Senate with a margin of 29 votes went to the final approval of the Chamber of Deputies. We have only fresh and interesting information about the casino.

 A new bill in Chile prohibits placing slot machines outside casinos

In the bill, the slot is described as an ” electronic device that can accept bets and give out prizes through randomly generated algorithms.” Therefore, the new law applies only to “physical” slot machines, and not online slots. This is reported by the business publication iGaming Business.

After the Chamber of Deputies passes the bill and it is signed by the President, the suppliers and owners of slots will have 6 months to send applications to the Gambling Establishments Department and the Prosecutor’s Office to obtain a license.

A fine of 10.4 million pesos (about $14 thousand) is expected for violating the law.

The Chilean government is actively working on reforming the gambling business in the country & ndash; at the beginning of the year, officials announced their intention to legalize online gambling.

Recall that recently in Finland, they initiated identity authentication in slot machines.

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Everything that the gambling industry has been living on This Week

The variety of events and the contradiction of opinions – such was this June week in the gambling world. The latest news of the betting business in our reviews.

 Everything the gambling industry has been living on this week

Content:1. New features of the Russian payment card ” Mir ” 2. Arkady Rotenberg’s company won the tender for the construction of a complex in the gambling zone on YUBK3. The gambling business regulator has acquired its legal status4. About the perspective of the Russian racing industry 5. Welcome to the “BetBoom Arena”!6. Kazakhstan increases the cost of electricity for miners and accepts Chinese cryptocurrency giants to its expanses

New features of the Russian payment card ” Mir “

To pay using a smartphone on the Android operating system, the NFC module will be enough.

And payments via the Internet will become even easier. The changes, which come into force in October, were supported by Viktor Dostov, the head of the profile association.

Arkady Rotenberg’s company won the tender for the construction of a complex in the gambling zone on the YBK

The results of the long-awaited tender in the Crimea have been published. According to official information, the company Cypress, owned by millionaire Arkady Rotenberg, will build it. One of the conditions put forward to the general contractor is the improvement of the infrastructure of the village of Katsiveli.

The gambling business Regulator has acquired its legal status

Registration of official documents ended on 23.06.2021: they provide a number of important powers.

About the future of the Russian horse racing industry

What is the state of the industry, the reasons for the backlog and how to cope with the situation? About this and much more from Dmitry Zaitsev, General Director of Russian Racetracks.

Welcome to the “BetBoom Arena”!

It is such a banner that will greet guests at the entrance to the stadium in Bashkortostan in the very near future: it will bear the name of a bookmaker who is seriously involved in the renovation of the largest sports arena in the region.

Kazakhstan raises the cost of electricity for miners and accepts Chinese cryptocurrency giants to its expanses

These events are taking place simultaneously in the Republic. All sides of the digital currency market have their own arguments. What are the state’s plans for its own and visiting miners? Kazakhstan has been living with this news for the past week.

What advantages of blockchain experts note, look for in our reviews.

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