What events shook the gambling industry in Russia on February 12-18: digest

The President approved a law providing for fines for transfers in favor of illegal gambling companies, and the Ministry of Finance plans to increase sanctions for the sale of lottery tickets to minors. At the same time, the Association of Bookmakers appealed to the Government with a request to create a new structure in the gambling market. Among other news from Russian bookmakers: Moscow has calculated the proceeds from taxes and fines of bookmakers in 2021. About these and other events in the industry in the latest digest on February 12-18.

What events shook the gambling industry in Russia on February 12-18: digest

Content:1. Approval of fines for online cash transfers 2. Regional revenues from gambling business3. Experts told who finances esport4. Fines for selling lotteries to children may increase 5. The illegal bookmaker will continue to accept bets on esports.6 The authorities have denied rumors about the taxation of foreign video game stores.7 The BC Association appealed to the Government8. The Central Bank is successfully testing the digital rouble.9 Registration of Russian domains will take place through government agencies.10 Russia is losing economic freedom

Approving fines for online casino transfers

The Federation Council approved the decision, which has been discussed for a long time. Now, for transferring money in favor of representatives of the illegal gambling business, an individual will pay fines in the amount of 100-500 thousand rubles, and a legal entity in the amount of 25-40% of the transfer amount, while the sanction will be at least 5 million rubles.

After that, the law on administrative responsibility for transfers, accepting payments and signing contracts with illegal gambling operators was approved by the President of the Russian Federation. Read more about the fines that banks and telecom operators will pay for transfers to illegal immigrants here.

Regional gambling revenues

The Kuban authorities have released figures of tax revenues received from the gambling industry. In 2021, the region received over 446 million rubles thanks to the legal gambling business. And this despite the fact that the planned receipts were at the level of 424.79 million rubles.

At the same time, data on receipts from gambling operators were published by the Moscow authorities. According to the information provided by the fiscal service, in 2021 bookmakers transferred 375.6 million rubles of taxes. At the same time, operators paid 5.2 million rubles in fines for violations. This is taking into account the fact that there are 329 ground points and 9 interactive betting centers in Moscow.

Experts told who finances esports

The director of Gambit Esports said that a few years ago, the esports industry earned primarily through sponsorship and advertising contracts. Only 10% of the income consisted of prizes from winnings at tournaments and the sale of merchandise. Today, foreign clubs often resort to venture investments, but Russian esports rarely uses this method so far. Domestic cyber organizations are testing new ways of earning money, for example, the sale of fan tokens.

Fines for selling lotteries to children may increase

The Ministry of Finance is working on a project that provides for an increase in fines for selling lotteries to minors. According to the new bill, sole proprietors and officials will be fined 30-50 thousand rubles for such a violation, and organizations will be fined 300-500 thousand rubles. For citizens, the amount of recovery will remain at the level of 2-3 thousand rubles. The progress of the bill’s processing can be tracked on the website.

Illegal bookmaker will continue to accept bets on esports

Representatives of the EGB bookmaker, illegal in the Russian Federation, said that they do not plan to stop accepting bets on ordinary non-tournament games in esports, although they are waiting for high-profile Dota 2 tournaments. BK gave comments against the background of incoming complaints about streamsnipers who are trying to achieve a predictable result for winning a bet with a weak game. However, EGB is confident that refusing to accept bets on such games will not do anything, since many bookmakers process such bets.

The authorities have denied rumors about taxation of foreign video game stores

The media reported that officials plan to introduce a business model according to which popular Western platforms will be required to pay a 5% fee in favor of the development of patriotic domestic games. However, the Ministry of Finance submitted an official statement in which it denied this information. Our journalists found out the details.

BC Association appealed to the Government

The Bookmakers’ Association has addressed a letter to the Government, in which it presented its views on the need to unite a number of ministries, departments and organizations into a single advisory council. According to the association’s proposals, the new structure will discuss the regulation of the betting industry with market participants, raise topical issues and find solutions to them. Read the details of the appeal in a separate material.

The Central Bank successfully tests the digital ruble

The central bank has reported on the beginning of testing of the domestic digital currency, which is going well. PSB and VTB were able to conduct operations with the digital ruble using a mobile application. Bank customers have the opportunity to conduct transactions in digital rubles among themselves, exchange non-cash rubles for digital ones and open a wallet in a mobile application. Learn more about the testing process and results here.

Registration of Russian domains will take place through government agencies

The Russian Internet segment will soon register domains through the state regulator. According to experts, such a move will minimize the problems associated with spam, phishing and the spread of viruses. The relevant bill has already been developed.

Russia is losing economic freedom

This is evidenced by international ratings. Now, in terms of economic freedoms, the Russian Federation is on a par with South Africa, Gabon, Rwanda and Mali, being below the hundredth position among all countries of the world. According to the results of 2021, the Russian Federation took 113th place, ahead of only Belarus and Ukraine among European countries.The rating compilers focus on the lack of investment freedom, state interference in market affairs, a biased judicial system and high corruption.

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Russia confidently follows South Africa in the ranking of economic freedoms

Russia continues to lose economic freedom, according to international ratings. Now the country feels at home in the company of African states: South Africa, Gabon, Rwanda, Mali. Read more about Russian business, in particular the latest news about casinos, in our publication.

Russia confidently follows South Africa in the ranking of economic freedoms

According to the Heritage portal, the Russian Federation could not overcome the threshold of the hundredth point in the ranking of economic freedoms in the world. Having overtaken only neighboring Ukraine and Belarus from European countries, Russia took 113th place at the end of 2021, scored 56.1 points (a loss of more than 5 points for the year) and strengthened between South Africa and Mali. Heritage assessment is a predominantly non-free economy. According to statistical calculations, 7 out of 12 components of the rating deteriorated.

The compilers of the rating point to low investment freedom, which is reflected in the interference of the state in the affairs of the market, so the investment sector is stagnating. There is a biased attitude of the judicial system, which always stands on the side of the authorities. The ubiquitous corruption also leaves a negative imprint on Russia’s economic affairs.

The first place is occupied by free Singapore, followed by the world capital of banks – Switzerland. Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela are dangling at the bottom.

However, the overall rating of economic freedom showed a drop due to the many pandemic restrictions of 2021.

It has also recently become known that Russian domains will need to be registered through the state.

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The Spirit of Rich ancient China in Elemental Gems Megaways from Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play, a leading content provider for the iGaming industry, sends foreign players on a journey through Ancient China for a mystical challenge created in the latest version of Elemental Gems Megaways. The slot, having high volatility, promises large winnings in slot machines for a foreign audience.

The spirit of rich ancient China in Elemental Gems Megaways from Pragmatic Play

Image: socialtournaments.com

The material was created for reference and informational purposes and does not promote goods and services on the market (in accordance with Part 2 of p. 2 of Federal Law No. 38-F3 of 13.06.2006 On advertising, it is not advertising).

This slot is designed for 512 paylines and allows you to increase the bet by 5000 times.

The easy-to-understand mechanics of the game will help you immerse yourself in the process, the creators promise. And when three or more identical symbols consistently appear on the reels, they can increase by 100 times due to the multiplier scale located on the extremely unusual fourth bonus reel.

All six types of chips on the reels have different value values. The symbols of the golden pagoda are the highest paid, and the Wild chip, which appears as an iridescent yin and yang symbol, can replace the rest of the chips and significantly increase the chance of winning and payouts.

Elemental Gems Megaways follows the recent releases of The Ultimate 5, Colossal Cash Zone and Gates of Valhalla, which are included in the range of the brand’s portfolio, which now includes more than 200 titles of award-winning games for the foreign market.

Yossi Barzeli, Director of business development at Pragmatic Play, explained on the pages of the press release: “Elemental Gems Megaways tells about a journey to Ancient China in search of great riches. Using mechanics similar to our hit Aztec Gems, the slot provides players with a completely new experience thanks to the multiplier on the fourth reel and the extremely popular Megaways mechanics. We are looking forward to it gaining popularity among other games in our portfolio.

Currently, Pragmatic Play releases up to five new slots per month, and also delivers live casino, bingo and virtual sports products through its multivertical offering. The entire portfolio of the company is accessible through a single API integration.

We remind you that since June 1, 2009, gambling in the Russian Federation can only be carried out in licensed betting shops and sweepstakes, as well as five special gambling zones (in the Crimea, Kaliningrad Region, Krasnodar, Primorsky and Altai Krai), according to Federal Law No. 244-F3 of 12/29/2006.

Recently, Pragmatic Play has opened the world of savannah to foreign players in The Ultimate 5 game.

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Russian domains will have to be registered through public services

The Russian segment of the Internet should prepare for mandatory domain registration through the state regulator. This was told at a specialized forum dedicated to cybersecurity. Read more about regulation on the Internet, online trends on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch on our website.

Russian domains will have to be registered through public services

Speaking at Cyber Security Day 2022, Andrey Vorobyov, Director of the National Domains Information Center.RU and .The Russian Federation, said that today specialists who work on ensuring Internet security are faced with problems of spam, phishing, and the spread of viruses. All this has to be countered despite the fact that self-regulation and protection of the network space are very developed in Russia.

But now, as the expert notes, the country is moving to a new period of Internet regulation with the help of the state, which is necessary and recognized by the industry. A draft law has already been developed that provides for rules that regulate registration in Russian national domain zones through the state regulator. A registrar will appear forprotection of infrastructure elements of the resources of state bodies, as well as the need for mandatory domain registration using the public services service. If earlier such a procedure for working with domains was only discussed, now it is obvious that it should be mandatory. That is, a course has been taken to combat anonymity and fraudsters on the Internet.

Recently it became known that WebMoney will no longer serve Russian electronic wallets.

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Organizers of underground casinos in Moscow go on trial

Those who want to earn extra money often ignore the difficult process of licensing casinos and want to deceive the authorities. This time, the investigative committee of the capital considered the case of the opening of a network of underground casinos, and the organizers are awaiting trial.

Organizers of underground casinos in Moscow are going on trial

According to TASS, the process of investigating and drafting a case on the opening of 14 gambling establishments in Moscow on an illegal basis has been completed. Next, a case of 971 volumes will be sent to the court for consideration.

The work of the underground casinos was supervised under the guise of legitimate activities by the BC Panorama. The grouping of the organizers was “more than 65 participants”. According to investigators, the criminals lived in luxury outside the city, used premium cars, private air travel.

Law enforcement officers conducted more than 150 searches in 14 illegal locations, and 100 people were detained in the process. Now 13 defendants have been brought to criminal responsibility, five people have been put on the criminal wanted list. Allegedly, the casino operated from the spring of 2016 to the fall of 2018.

Meanwhile, a verdict has already been announced to the Kalmyk colleagues of the Moscow criminals for organizing underground gambling activities, the leader of a group of criminals was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, the rest of the participants received from 1.5 to 2 years of probation. This is also reported by TASS. Kalmyk illegal casino brought criminals 11 million rubles of income. It was located in the city of Elista and worked from the fall of 2019 to the fall of 2020 in the premises of the closed club “Bogdo”.

Outside the legal field, not only classic gambling establishments operate in Russia, but also online bookmakers. Recently, one of these illegal immigrants openly talked about accepting bets on ordinary esports matches.

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BGaming has dedicated a new release to the most popular TV series of 2021

In 2022, the BGaming studio took a high rate of release of new products. The new release promises thrills and unforgettable emotions to foreign players. Squidpot slot is already available on reputable foreign platforms, including Stake and Blaze.

BGaming dedicated a new release to the most popular TV series of 2021

Image: bgaming.com

This is an informational and reference article that does not promote services or goods (in accordance with Part 2 of p. 2 of Federal Law No. 38-F3 of 13.06.2006 On Advertising, it is not advertising).

The Squidpot slot was dedicated by the developers of BGaming to the South Korean multi-part survival movie “The Squid Game”, which officially became the most popular TV series in the history of Netflix. The provider gives foreign players the opportunity to experience a tense plot and get fantastic prizes for it.

Suidpot gameplay takes place on a 5×3 grid, provides foreign players with 25 lines for making winnings and a set of non-standard functions. The game stands out among other slots thanks to the “Flaming Reels” and the additional “Coin Game”, which significantly increase the chances of a large reward in the free spins mode. “Playing with coins” can also give a Mini-, Major- or Mega-jackpot. The developers did not forget to add one of the most popular options today – the function of buying a bonus game.

“Risk has attracted and frightened people in all corners of the world for centuries. At the same time, risk is a great source of inspiration. BGaming wanted to show this in the game. Together with a non-standard theme, the combination of original features makes the game very exciting! Analyzing the preferences of the players, we see that the option of buying a bonus game is also extremely popular. Therefore, we have added it to new games,” comments Yulia Alyakseeva, the leading game designer of BGaming, in a press release.

Suidpot became the third iGaming provider game in 2022. In February, BGaming is also announcing the release of a new slot with a cascading reel rotation system, which will be called Aztec Magic Bonanza.

BGaming is a dynamically developing game provider whose products combine gambling with elements of gaming. The provider develops innovative and visually attractive products that have already been placed on their platforms by over 700 foreign casinos. BGaming was the first to side with cryptocurrencies, offering Provably Fair products. Today, the portfolio contains more than 70 products with high-quality HD graphics and user interface adaptation for any gadgets.

We remind you that among the colorful novelties presented by BGaming in 2022, the Aztec Magic slot with the popular Megaways mechanics aroused particular interest.

Please note that since July 1, 2009 in the Russian Federation, outside of specially created gambling zones (in the Republic of Crimea, Altai, Krasnodar, Primorsky Krai, Kaliningrad Region), gambling can only be carried out in bookmakers and sweepstakes. All other gambling establishments can be opened exclusively in gambling zones (Federal Law No. 244-FZ of 29.12.2006).

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Parliamentarians of Kazakhstan are against gambling. Economic calculations – too

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov received an appeal from Deputy Dana Nurzhigit during a meeting of the Senate. It states that the people’s deputies accept a large number of complaints from citizens of the country that gambling has led them or their relatives to credit addiction. The percentage of tax on winnings Kazakhstan – information from experts.

Parliamentarians of Kazakhstan are against gambling. Economic calculations – too

Kazakhstanis ask the authorities to take measures and prevent further financial losses of citizens, to stand up for the protection of society, whose members are deprived of property and families due to gambling addiction. According to the deputy Nurzhigit, young people in the age range of 18-27 years, using the availability of consumer loans, spend these funds ongames. So, only in September last year, the volume of this kind of lending increased by 3.7%. The situation is aggravated by the fact that young people who have taken out loans are called up for military service and stop paying interest due to lack of sufficient earnings, which means they become seriously dependent on credit institutions.

Of particular concern, according to the deputy, is the dominance of various kinds of offers of games on the Internet, which simply suck in young people and even children. Every “10-year-old boy has them in his pocket now,” says Dana Nurzhigit, referring to smartphones.

Warning the arguments of gambling supporters who talk about the economic feasibility of the development of the gambling sector, Nurzhigit cites figures from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The turnover of the industry is 170 billion tenge, it replenished the budget by only 16.5 billion tenge. At the same time, more than 23 trillion tenge for three years starting from 2021 has been allocated for the solution of socialproblems, including those generated by the dependencies of citizens, this amount is half of the entire budget of Kazakhstan. If we assume that on average each player owes about 10 million tenge, and there are about 350 thousand such players in the country, then the scale of the problem becomes clear. For reference: 1 Russian ruble is equal to 5.6 Kazakhstani tenge.

In this regard, parliamentarian Dana Nurzhigit advocates a complete ban on advertising Internet games and sports betting, referring to the similar experience of Turkey, Vietnam and a number of other countries.

The tax rate on gambling in different countries has been analyzed by our correspondents.

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Who will pay fines for money transfers to illegal casinos and how much

Among the latest casino news in Russia is the approval of penalties for transferring funds to illegal casinos for telecom operators. The Federation Council recently approved the relevant decision.

Who will pay fines for money transfers to illegal casinos and how much

According to TASS, now individuals are required to pay a fine from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles for making a transfer to illegal gambling, and a legal entity is required to pay from 25 to 40% of the transferred amount, while the penalty should be at least 5 million rubles.

As one of the members of the Federation Council commented on the innovation, it establishes an administrative penalty for violating the decree that the payment agent should not accept funds, and the bank is obliged to refuse to transfer money from illegal casinos, lotteries.

Now the list of illegal gambling operators prohibited from servicing is maintained by the tax service, their list is constantly expanding. Casinos and betting shops that are not officially registered in the territory of the Russian Federation get there. Such a ban has been in effect since 2007. Transferring funds to such organizations is prohibited from 2018. To block payment sites that violate the law, the tax authorities do not even need to go to court.

Meanwhile, the SRO offers ERAI expert support to increase the transparency of the processing of betting deductions.

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About the work of the editorial staff of the profile media about the gambling business – chief editor of Login Casino UA

Business publication LoginCasino.com.ua continues to conduct a dialogue with representatives of different areas of the gambling industry. This time, the editor-in-chief of Login Casino UA, Alexandra Novikova, was invited to the studio, who told about the subtleties of the work of highly specialized media, the peculiarities of finding contact with the target audience, the editorial office’s relations with market representatives and the promotion of the legalization of gambling in Ukraine.

About the work of the editorial staff of the profile media about gambling – chief editor of Login Casino UA

Alexandra Novikova is the editor-in-chief of the business publication about the gambling business Login Casino UA. The expert knows from the inside all the features of the work of the thematic narrow-profile media.

The key topics of the interview with Alexandra were:

  • the work of the editorial staff of the profile media and the role of the editor-in-chief in it;
  • selection of information guides and search for experts for materials and publications;
  • the target audience of the publication and its most interesting topics;
  • influence of representatives of the gambling market on the formation of the information field;
  • society’s attitude to the gambling market;
  • editorial intuition and the most interesting materials in gambling.

During the conversation, the editor-in-chief told what the information field of the Ukrainian gambling industry lacks:

“I would really like to see more diverse studies. In the UK, for example, research is conducted almost every month on the topic of players, preferences, gaming addiction, and the work of operators. And these are the numbers. Numbers are always good, it’s as clear as possible, truthful and can be checked. I would like more research both from the state and from companies, associations.

Summing up the conversation, Alexandra Novikova told about the editorial board’s plans for 2022:

“The new year will bring high-quality materials with an analysis of legislation, legal, economic nuances to the readers of Login Casino UA. This year we want to focus on marketing. After all, the initial stage of the company’s formation has already passed, and they need to continue to compete and develop. Therefore, we pay great attention to digital advertising, PR, SEO promotion. Naturally, we will still give expert opinions, there will be a lot of interviews on a variety of topics.

Watch the full version of the interview with the chief editor of Login Casino.com.ua:

Recall that the SMM manager, within the framework of the “Stereotypes” rubric, revealed to LCWork journalists the ins and outs of his profession and dispelled a number of common stereotypical ideas about the work of an SMM analyst.

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Slotegrator has entered into a new partnership: with whom

Slotegrator has signed a new partnership agreement. This time the platform managed to sign a contract with a promising provider Rhino Gaming. The new agreement will allow Slotegrator partners to add modern Rhino Gaming products to their gambling lists, which are now available for quick integration via APIgrator.

Slotegrator has entered into a new partnership: with whom

This is an informational and reference article that does not promote services or goods (in accordance with Part 2 of p. 2 of Federal Law No. 38-F3 of 13.06.2006 On Advertising, it is not advertising).

Rhino Gaming Studio is a promising provider of games and back-office solutions for foreign online casinos, which has been working in the industry since 2011. The development team is located in Stockholm, but it enters into partnership agreements all over the world. The team supplies products with modern design and thoughtful mathematics to the foreign iGaming market.

Number of Rhino Gaming games


Types of gambling products

Slots, table games





Free spins

There are



The modern portfolio of Rhino Gaming includes more than 13 high-quality products. The studio releases new games every two months. A team of professionals develops content that can significantly increase the retention rate of users on the sites.

All studio games are developed on the basis of HTML5 technology, so they are compatible with any operating systems and devices. The products are multilingual and support the most popular currencies in the world.

In addition to high-quality graphics and engaging mechanics, Rhino Gaming offers effective marketing tools. Free spins, substitutes, bonus rounds and additional games help to promote the games and the platform on which they are integrated.

The most popular Rhino Gaming slots among foreign users are Diamonds Wild, Classic Triple Seven and Supaball. At the same time, the development of Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better from the developers of the studio allowed us to bring poker to a qualitatively new level. In addition to slots and poker, the developer’s portfolio also contains roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

In addition to gambling products, Rhino Gaming also provides a high-quality customized back-office solution. The system provides secure data storage and helps to track performance.

Thanks to the agreement, all Rhino Gaming products can now be quickly integrated into Slotegrator partner sites through the APIgrator system. In just one session, APIgrator allows you to place products from several developers at once on a foreign entertainment platform. Today, Slotegrator’s full offer includes gambling solutions from 75 world-renowned development studios.

We remind you that Gamzix provider was recently added to the list of partners of the Slotegrator platform.

Please note that since July 1, 2009 in the Russian Federation, outside of specially created gambling zones (in the Republic of Crimea, Altai, Krasnodar, Primorsky Krai, Kaliningrad Region), gambling can only be carried out in bookmakers and sweepstakes. All other gambling establishments can be opened exclusively in gambling zones (Federal Law No. 244-FZ of 29.12.2006).

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