British experts have determined the degree of dependence of players on advertising

Specialists of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have compiled a report on the trends and the impact of different types of gambling advertising on attracting new players. A total of 6,258 people took part in the survey in different months of 2020. And if you want to learn a lot more interesting things about where and how an online casino works, read our publication!

 British experts have determined the degree of dependence of players on advertising

Based on the respondents ‘ answers, the researchers were able to form the following conclusions:

  • About 34% of players admitted that they are influenced by betting advertising, first of all by general advertising, in second place are free bet offers.
  • Respondents claim that 85% have seen advertising or sponsored messages of gambling, which was lower than in 2019-87%. The main source of advertising, which is not surprising for the pandemic, is TV: 76% of respondents have seen such advertising. The second place was taken by radio, podcasts, and the third-by advertising on sports merch.
  • In its report, the commission combined advertising into three categories: traditional, online and sponsored. Traditional advertising took the first place in terms of visibility with 81%, sponsorship advertising took the second place, and online PR took only the third place. At the same time, 77% of respondents aged 18 to 24 most often see a gambling promotion on the Internet, since they watch less TV and almost do not listen to the radio. 19% of this group also noted that they watch or follow events from the world of excitement.
  • Instagram Facebook took the first place (11%), and YouTube, Twitter and Instagram shared the second place with the same indicators (6% each).In general, 16% of respondents noted that they follow gambling companies and events on social networks and video hosting sites.

This data, with reference to the official research, is provided by the publication about the gambling business CasinoBeats. Such studies have been accompanying the Gambling Law of 2005 for many years, and the possibility of banning partnerships between gambling operators and professional sports is being considered. It should be noted that Mayor Sadiq Khan recently ordered the removal of all gambling advertising from the London underground.

Meanwhile, in the European Union, which is neighboring the UK, 14 countries have taken the initiative to return an Expert Group on Gambling to optimize the gambling business.

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