About the work of the editorial staff of the profile media about the gambling business – chief editor of Login Casino UA

Business publication LoginCasino.com.ua continues to conduct a dialogue with representatives of different areas of the gambling industry. This time, the editor-in-chief of Login Casino UA, Alexandra Novikova, was invited to the studio, who told about the subtleties of the work of highly specialized media, the peculiarities of finding contact with the target audience, the editorial office’s relations with market representatives and the promotion of the legalization of gambling in Ukraine.

About the work of the editorial staff of the profile media about gambling – chief editor of Login Casino UA

Alexandra Novikova is the editor-in-chief of the business publication about the gambling business Login Casino UA. The expert knows from the inside all the features of the work of the thematic narrow-profile media.

The key topics of the interview with Alexandra were:

  • the work of the editorial staff of the profile media and the role of the editor-in-chief in it;
  • selection of information guides and search for experts for materials and publications;
  • the target audience of the publication and its most interesting topics;
  • influence of representatives of the gambling market on the formation of the information field;
  • society’s attitude to the gambling market;
  • editorial intuition and the most interesting materials in gambling.

During the conversation, the editor-in-chief told what the information field of the Ukrainian gambling industry lacks:

“I would really like to see more diverse studies. In the UK, for example, research is conducted almost every month on the topic of players, preferences, gaming addiction, and the work of operators. And these are the numbers. Numbers are always good, it’s as clear as possible, truthful and can be checked. I would like more research both from the state and from companies, associations.

Summing up the conversation, Alexandra Novikova told about the editorial board’s plans for 2022:

“The new year will bring high-quality materials with an analysis of legislation, legal, economic nuances to the readers of Login Casino UA. This year we want to focus on marketing. After all, the initial stage of the company’s formation has already passed, and they need to continue to compete and develop. Therefore, we pay great attention to digital advertising, PR, SEO promotion. Naturally, we will still give expert opinions, there will be a lot of interviews on a variety of topics.

Watch the full version of the interview with the chief editor of Login Casino.com.ua:

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