A new bill in Chile prohibits placing slot machines outside of casinos

Senators of the Chilean National Congress have approved a bill that prevents the placement of slots outside gambling zones. The law passed in the Senate with a margin of 29 votes went to the final approval of the Chamber of Deputies. We have only fresh and interesting information about the casino.

 A new bill in Chile prohibits placing slot machines outside casinos

In the bill, the slot is described as an ” electronic device that can accept bets and give out prizes through randomly generated algorithms.” Therefore, the new law applies only to “physical” slot machines, and not online slots. This is reported by the business publication iGaming Business.

After the Chamber of Deputies passes the bill and it is signed by the President, the suppliers and owners of slots will have 6 months to send applications to the Gambling Establishments Department and the Prosecutor’s Office to obtain a license.

A fine of 10.4 million pesos (about $14 thousand) is expected for violating the law.

The Chilean government is actively working on reforming the gambling business in the country & ndash; at the beginning of the year, officials announced their intention to legalize online gambling.

Recall that recently in Finland, they initiated identity authentication in slot machines.

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